Monday, July 19, 2010

Lemon Coconut Tofu

1/5 block of tofu, or however much ‘fu you want

1/4 can of coconut milk

1 lemon

1 lime

S & P

sesame seeds for garnish

First, take a small bowl and mix together your coconut milk, lemon and lime juice, and the zest of the lemons and limes. Add salt and pep to taste, and then marinate your tofu in that for a few hours before you cook it.

In a heated non-stick pan, cook your tofu. Make sure the pan is hot so that you’ll get a really awesome sear and a crunchy crust on the tofu. After you’ve got that going, add in your marinade.

If it does what mine did, it will bubble up like crazy. So watch yo self.

Let that cook for a few more minutes for the flavors to marry, and then serve it over coconut jasmine rice.

To make coconut jasmine rice, simply cook it the remainder of your can of coconut milk and a little bit of water. The more water you add to it, the stickier it will be.


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